Sunday, March 24, 2013

Around we go....The Chocolate Carousel

The Chocolate Carousel

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to another entry of “What’s pinning” today I chose something from my own personal collection. Yippie…The first time I made this chocolate carousel was back in 2009. I was just starting to dabble into the world of chocolate molding and I must admit the project itself was a little difficult for the beginner, and I’m not talking already done a few beginner I mean very first project beginner. Surprisingly it came out well but it caused enough frustration that I put it down for awhile. After a long while and a lot few more attempts I decided to do a tutorial.  In the spirit of Easter. 

Just a few tips:
  • When I was first learning I thought that a double boiler was the only good method for melting chocolate or at least that’s what I read but I’m here to tell you that using a microwave is ok. I usually melt the chocolate at 30 second intervals so it melts evenly and doesn’t burn. I buy microwave safe tupper ware and wooden spoons.

  • If you plan on painting in details I find it easier to use long thin skewers for hard to reach places especially on this mold

  • Make sure not to get the chocolate wet or it will “seize” up and get lumpy which makes it difficult to work with. In my opinion when this happens it’s best to just start over because getting the chocolate to be workable again is close to impossible.

  • If the chocolate starts to become hard or set just pop it back in the microwave for 30 seconds or until it is completely melted again.

  • After pouring chocolate into the mold place in fridge for 15 minutes, less time is needed when setting the details, approximately 2 minutes for the details but DO make sure to place in fridge after doing each detail so it won’t mix in with the other chocolate… it will look messy. Do not place in fridge for too long because again moisture and chocolate are NOT friends. For more on Chocolate melting and molding check out my step by step tutorial for this project at you can also check out they have great information in their resource section. Although I am not affiliated with them I do have a soft spot for them because it was there that I learned the basics.


Cost Of Materials:
  • Molds = Range from $1.99 to $2.25 @ type in carousel mold in the search bar  (at the time of this posting they were backordered for the top of the carousel which is actually the only mold that cost $2.25 but you can enter your email to be put on a waiting list or do a simple search for carousel mold top on ebay)

  • Wilton candy melts = $2.49 @Micheals craft store

  • Lollipop sticks = $2.49@ Micheals craft store (4 ½ inch ones) they come in packs of 50

  • Tupperware = $5.00 for 12 at my local supermarket

  • Wooden sticks =$1.99 at my local supermarket (optional)

SN: For the molds you will need the top of the carousel, the bottom of the carousel, and the animal mold of your choice…they have bunnies, horses, and zoo animals.

For this project you will need 2 ½ bags of candy melts. Keep in mind that this is an estimate and can change based on whether or not you’re using different color candy melts.

Total Project Price =  $18.70 when ordering the molds online please adjust project price to make room for shipping.
Project Difficulty:  moderate difficulty

Time Taken:       Approximately 5-10 minutes of melting
Approximately 70 minutes to set the chocolate and build the carousel (the building part can be a little tricky)

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