Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Magic Time...How To Make a Wand

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                I have found a very interesting project on how to make a wand, I will repin under the What’s Pinning?! Board at http://pinterest.com/jadex7/what-s-pinning/ so we will all be able to keep up with the projects and recipes that have been done. Our first project was posted by trainsandtutus.com but I found that it had been pinned from Kates escapades, How to make a harry potter wand so a big thank you to them for their step by step instructions. You can find the link for the step by step instructions below or above on my pinterest page. If you were able to find supplies cheaper please let us know.

Cost of material: Brought at Joanns.com Shipping was free for purchses $50.00 or more so I brought other items for those rainy days (Prices may have changed since my purchase)

Ø  Americana 2oz Acrylic Paint = $1.49  a bottle
           (I brought 4 in antique gold, antique teal, light cinnamon, and wedgewood blue)

Ø  Paint brushes 25 pk = $6.49

Ø  Elmers liquid glue 8oz = $3.69

Ø  Hot glue gun (high temp) = $2.69 (brought at Micheals)

Ø  Dowel rods 12”x1/4” 10pk = $1.99

Ø  Rivrside construction paper- assorted = $3.99

Ø  Marbles 150 assorted = $13.74 (brought on ebay)

(I found some really nice stones at Micheals for way cheaper but since I had already brought these I included these in the total cost but they can be found much more cheaper.)

Total Project Price =  $34.08

Project Difficulty:  Moderate difficulty

Time Taken: About 2 Hours each wand with drying times (I let my black base coat dry overnight)
I apologize for the quality of the photos, there will probably be more like these so let me apolgize again in advance :)

Here’s what I found, the original pin states to cut it down to chopstick size but I found that a ¼ inch x 12 inch worked fine without needing to be cut.

I had messed up and left part of a dowel showing so I cut a small square from construction paper and rolled it over that part, it worked pretty well. This project gets messy so be prepared.

The wands painted with black coating.

The finished wands 

My husbands Wand

My son's wand

My Daughter's Wand

My Wand

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