Sunday, March 31, 2013

Shine bright....Firefly Glitter Jars

Firefly Glitter Jars

Hello everyone and welcome to another entry of What’s Pinning?!

I decided to do this project because it looked so pretty and I thought the kiddies would love to have a night with one of these. The project was fairly easy in that you cut open some glow sticks and empty them into a jar, but be careful because once opened they do contain glass and the fluid is said to be toxic. I kind of strayed from the project a little. All I did was add glitter so it wasn't that much of a change.

Cost of material: (Brought at Michaels)

  • 50ct Glow sticks = $4.99

  • Glitter tube = $1.29 x 2 =

  • Glass Jar = $2.29 x 2 =


Total Project Price: $12.15

Project Difficulty:  Easy

Time Taken: 35 minutes

Overall because of the toxic warning and the glass I would NOT recommend that children assist other than bending and shaking the glow sticks to activate them. Personally I found that the amount of time they stay lit, all the precautions you have to take including wearing gloves, for a few minutes of awesome glow is not worth the price but of course this is my own opinion. I’m not giving up though I love the idea of the whole firefly, fairy jar. In the coming weeks I will be attempting a different version of this project. Can’t wait.

For complete step by step instructions for this project please visit

Thank you for joining me for another project and I hope to see you next week for Crayon Craze week.

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