Sunday, April 14, 2013

A splash of color....Crayon Art



 Hello everyone and welcome to another entry of What’s Pinning?!

Last week I wasn’t able to make an entry but as promised I have done two crayon projects which I have divided into two posts. First I want to say that this project although fairly easy was a little difficult when it came to pushing the crayon through the hot glue gun. Second, I LOVED this project. The kiddies LOVED it. Although they weren’t able to handle the glue gun they were able to help peel off the paper from the crayons and hold up the canvas when needed. They loved when I pushed through a new color and the other one squirted out all over the place. So a word of caution this gets messy. I remember watching a video on how to clean out the glue gun after the project is done using glue sticks so I tried it. About three glue sticks for the glue gun to run clear again (no crayons) Despite the instructional video stating that the glue gun had been ruined I was able to heat it up again and get a glue stick through. Although I don’t know how long that’ll last. The final result was great. I would like to thank for the hot glue gun crayon art pin although I had repined from Brianne Beckman. For the video on this project please check out the link below.

Edit: I forgot to add that this is only one way to do this project. The other two methods include a blow dryer and a candle.


Cost of material: (If you haven’t guessed by now Micheals is my favorite store because of its prices plus it’s close to me.)

  • Canvas: $4.49 (pack of three 8in x 10in)

  • Crayons: $4.99 for 200 crayons @ Micheals craft store

  • Hot Glue Gun: $2.25 @Micheals craft store

  • Black Acrylic Paint: $1.49 (Micheals craft store)

  • Newspaper or something to place around to minimize the mess

  • Paintbrush

Total Project Price =  $13.22

Project Difficulty: Easy - Medium
Time Taken: Approx. 1hour 30 minutes hours including drying time for acrylic paint



                                                  Canvas painted with black acrylic paint

Crayons with paper removed

Finished project :)

I cropped these photos so you could get a better look


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