Sunday, April 21, 2013

Illumination…..A look back to the firefly jar


Hello everyone and welcome to another entry of What’s Pinning?!

Before I start I wanted to point out that on my other project entries I didn’t leave instructions for those projects because I had left links to the step by step ones but from now on I will be adding my own “What I did” to my entries.

For this week’s project I’ve decided to retry the firefly glow in the dark jar. I just wasn’t ready to give up on it just yet. I would like to thank Crafts for kids for this Pin. I was able to find a solvent based glow in the dark paint online but these little jars are pretty costly. It is gritty and feels rough but once you set it out in the sun it glows in the dark immediately. The smell is strong though so I had to work with my windows open. I tried playing around with it on the other jar, but I wasn't too crazy about it. I did love the dot one though. I left them sitting by the window for a few hours and left it on the kiddie’s dressers, they loved it. It glowed very nicely.

Cost of material:

Paintbrushes: Varies (I had some left over from my other projects)

Glass Jars: $2.59 each. I didn’t use the tops so if you find one without one its ok.

Glow in the dark paint: $9.98 a container (the size of a nail polish container) I used three different ones


Total Project Price =  $35.12

Project Difficulty: Easy

Time Taken: Approx. 2 hours

What I did:

I used three different paint brushes, one for each color. I used one color at a time and started the dots on the bottom first. Dipping the paintbrush into the container I then let little drops of varying sizes fall to the bottom. When I finished one color I would then repeat the process with the next color. When the bottom was finished I turned the jar on its side and started the process that way allowing a few seconds for the paint to dry a little. It got a little confusing with the dots because during the day they look exactly the same. If I had to do it differently I would let the containers sit in the sun for a bit then do the dots. It was nice to see the kiddies face light up with this project, even though the pricing was pretty hefty. I still have a lot left over so I’ll figure out a new project to do with them. I’m thinking of mixing one of the old projects into this one. I hope you all enjoyed.
This is what it looked like right when I removed it from the window in the light
In the dark

             This is a side by side comparison of what it looked like in a picture in the dark right after
             sitting in the sun and approx. 15-20 minutes later. It was still shining brightly but the camera  
            didn't pick it up. So back to the window it went. That's the good thing it can be used over and 
            over again.


Not too crazy about this one but I like the Family part



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